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December 2, 2010 by standard

DC Admiral “Please Stand By…”

The “Please Stand By” DC Admiral have hit the web and our Lenox location is one place you can grab a pair. The sneakers feature television static on the tongue and the smpte test bars inside the upper of the sneaker. If you can’t make it to our Lenox location we will ship them to you. Call today! 404-846-8535

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  1. […] Countless sneakers draw their inspiration from TV shows and events, so it’s something of a surprise that the above pictured pair has come along and cornered the market on test pattern perfection.  How is it possible that we made it this far into the themed sneaker landscape and have only just now seen a design like the DC Admiral ‘Please Stand By’?  These joints are a perfect footwear representation of a few ubiquitous TV aesthetics, from the staticky ankle details to a colorful grid on the sockliner and moniker phrase on the translucent soles.  Click below to tune in a better view and look for these today at select DC LIFE accounts like Atlanta’s Standard. […]