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3393 Peachtree Rd NE

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November 5, 2008 by Decatur Dan

STANDARD Coming Soon to Lenox Square

After a couple of weeks of teasers and clues, we are finally letting the cat out of the bag. Thats right friends, after 5 years, we are proud to announce that  Standard is opening the doors to its 2nd location in Lenox Square in Atlanta GA in November 2008.  Our opening date is just around the corner so be sure to stay tuned to the blog for information on that exact date.  As always your continuous support is so absolutely appreciated. After all without you we wouldn’t even exist.


Your friends at STANDARD

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  1. Jarren said this on

    Whaaat? Major moves!!! Congrats STANDARD… that’s crazy.

  2. wwwwwwwwwwhattt??? i can get a resume??

  3. resume? shawty what that is? i gotta fill that out to work there or somethin?

  4. jeff said this on

    Nice! Congratulations STANDARD. New president and shoe store, great night!

  5. yessir! big ups! can’t wait!

  6. I knew it as soon as Ryan told me big things was happening, I called it. Major moves for the whole country!

  7. Congrats guys! Looking forward to seeing the new space.

  8. This is awesome…

  9. yo! thats whats up! keep making that skrilla guys, congrats on doin it big! blow this competition out the water.

  10. Supreme said this on

    Congratulations! *applause*

  11. magicman said this on

    DAMN! Congrats! Awesome news! Cant wait to see it!

  12. Kaan said this on

    This is fantastic. Now my 30 year old ass can incorporate two of my favorite things, hangin’ at Standard and mackin’ on high school girls. Bad news for my probation officer, but great news for my inner demons.

  13. spartanjames said this on

    Congrats guys – Can’t wait to see the new digs. Glad you’re still keeping the original location too.

  14. Wow, that is Major!!! We only wish you the best and may this new change help us all. Regards from Charleston, SC

  15. CORY said this on


  16. […] Standard just released news about their second store which will be located in ATL’s finest mall – Lenox Square. After 5 years Standard decides to take their business to the next level. The Grand Opening for the new store is coming soon. Those of you that live in Atlanta know that this is a major move. Oh yeah, the new store is a couple doors down from the Nike Store. […]

  17. Awesome! Man I’m surprised I didnt get yall to spill the beans yesterday after talkin to Ryan for a while in the store!
    So uhhhh…..how may I go about applying for employment?

  18. can i get 3 jobs?

  19. janelle said this on

    yo kidz can i get employment in that joint?!

  20. […] homies over @ STANDARD announced early this morning that they are opeing a second location @ Lenox […]

  21. Will + Jess said this on

    Congrats! You deserve all the success and more! Can’t wait!

  22. ATLStationz said this on

    i am good at showing up late.
    i’m a good follower, not a leader.
    i gots mad people skillz as long as people don’t cross me.
    my personal blog gets more than 5 hits a day.
    i read hypebeast every days.
    and i worked for 2 weeks at a sneaker resell shop once before i gots my azz fired because i showed up lates and couldn’t score the sneakers i was sent out to wait in line for (i fell asleeps and missed the release date).

    u guys should give me a jobz.

  23. Farshad said this on

    you’re hireds

  24. ATLStationz said this on


  25. B.Harv said this on

    Get ready to fight off the Hypebeast.
    They found you now.

  26. […] a specific release date yet, but have noted that it is right around the corner, check out their blog for further […]

  27. d fuck dat be @?!

  28. d f dat be @?!

  29. […] a specific release date yet, but have noted that it is right around the corner, check out their blog for further […]

  30. […] a specific release date yet, but have noted that it is right around the corner, check out their blog for further […]

  31. Mr.Nobody said this on

    You need one of these for the new store!

    michael a. salter @ rice gallery | houston from michael a. salter on Vimeo.